Tenleytown T’ai Chi Scholarship Program

Thanks to an ingenius idea from one of our students, plus some generous donations, we’ve established the
Tenleytown T’ai Chi Scholarship Program

Registered students have always been encouraged to gift their classes to others if they have no more use for them, such as when people’s schedules change or they move out of town.

Now they can “bank” them as well.

Through our scholarship program, people can apply for full or partial scholarships. The scholarships will be needs-based, and in this we use the honor system, as we do in our classes.


A Scholarship has been awarded to
Stephanie Han
Stephanie is a Graduate student in the field of Social Work
Stephanie's personal statement includes the following:

"Tai Chi, a centuries old Chinese form of mind-body exercise scientists have shown to enhance biopsychosocial functioning, represents a martial art I consider essential to learn, in order to provide comprehensive, holistic, and multiculturally sensitive interventions to future patients."

Read Stephanie's full statement of purpose here

The David Martin-McCormick Scholarship
has been awarded to
Maria Butina, PhD Candidate in the
Global Governance, Politics & Security program of the
School of International Service
(Here's a link to their FB page)

Maria wrote a moving personal statement of purpose for her study of T'ai Chi, including the following insight:

"I believe that my destiny is to help to form the world as a safe place where the West and the East co-exist in harmony. The first step must be to understand the philosophy of both worlds….I believe that classes in Tai Chi will help me to take one more step in exploring the Eastern world to see the ways of harmonizing it with the West."

You can
read Maria's entire statement of purpose here.

This scholarship is in memory of David Martin-McCormick, former professor at American University specializing in Intelligence and National Security, and a former student here at Tenleytown T’ai Chi. It is awarded annually to a student of any level at
American University, and includes one full scholarship of 10 classes.

Currently Available:
• A scholarship for 10 classes
at half the cost ($85.00)

To apply, please write using the
contact page, and include your contact information and why you want to learn T’ai Chi.