Personal Statement from
American University Washington College of Law Associate Professor and
David Martin McCormick scholarship awardee
Hilary J. Allen

Why I study Tai Chi

I initially came to a Tai Chi class on the recommendation of my mother, who takes classes in Sydney, Australia. I regularly engage in high impact exercise, but I also wanted to find a low impact way to move and increase my flexibility (and I never liked yoga!). After taking just a few classes, I have found that I really enjoy the practice, and that the class provides me with many other benefits that I wasn’t anticipating. I have never had great posture, and Susan is helping me to understand how to better integrate my body. The Tai Chi class also provides me with the only opportunity for quiet mindfulness that I have all week. Finally, it is a practice that I can learn slowly and make mistakes regularly – it is wonderful to have a place where perfection isn’t necessary!