The Soft Answer

Verbal T'ai Chi

Thanks to Debbie Gustowski and the women from the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church’s annual Women’s retreat for inviting me to present on both T’ai Chi and The Soft Answer Verbal T’ai Chi for them this past weekend.
It was lovely and to work with such engaged, forthright, thoughtful and dynamic women—fabulous questions, ladies!
We discussed: What if I’m the bully? (Well, that’s a great awareness to start working with!) Do people get frustrated when you use these techniques? (Sometimes, but we’re always sincere and patient.) What if the person you’re dealing with really is a troubled person? (This happens; we can’t change others, but sometimes they can—and will—change themselves. Compassionate detachment!)
It was also restorative to see the beautiful PriestField Pastoral retreat center in Kearneysville, WV once again, and the lovely West Virginia countryside.