On November 15, I attended the 2019 Negotiation Pedagogy Conference
at Harvard Law School, organized by the Program on Negotiation (a consortium program of Harvard, MIT and Tufts). My
Soft Answer Verbal T'ai Chi coauthors and I were invited by the North American Collegiate Karate Conference (NACKC) to join their delegation at the conference. Their President, Greg Cumings, felt that The Soft Answer Verbal T'ai Chi resonated with their Shotokan traditional teachings (exemplified in their motto, "Walk in gentle strength"), as well as with their mandate to engage in community outreach, which includes organizing Karate Clubs in many of the Boston area's public schools.
Conference presenters were intrigued by the number of participants in the NACKC group (about 20% of the total), and were curious about how the study of a martial art might relate to the field of negotiation and negotiation pedagogy.

Over the many discussions during the conference, it became clear that there is a great deal of mutual benefit to be had from continuing the dialogue between teachers of negotiation and teachers of traditional martial arts. Many positive connections were made, and we look forward to the possibilities of future joint conversations and projects with the diverse array of educators we met.