Tenleytown T’ai Chi Scholarship Program

Thanks to an ingenious idea from one of our students, plus some generous donations, we’ve established the
Tenleytown T’ai Chi Scholarship Program

Registered students have always been encouraged to gift their classes to others if they have no more use for them, such as when people’s schedules change or they move out of town.

Now they can “bank” them as well.

Through our scholarship program, people can apply for full or partial scholarships.

Currently Available:

• Tenleytown T'ai Chi student-supported scholarship:
10 classes at half the cost ($100.00)

• The David Martin-McCormick Scholarship
This scholarship honors former student David Martin McCormick, who taught us so much about patience, forbearance and grace.
Available to faculty, students or staff of
American University:
a scholarship of 10 classes at no cost.

Please note that in these scholarships, no money is involved or exchanged; American University is not involved with this program. I make selection decisions at my discretion.

To apply, please write using the
contact page, and include your contact information and why you want to learn T’ai Chi.