Student Reviews

The best thing about teaching T’ai Chi is that it provides the privilege of meeting a lot of wonderful people. They teach me so much!
I’m grateful for each and every one of my students, and for the kind words they have offered.

It's heaven when I do the form with my classmates. We effortlessly carry each other through each movement. It's amazing.
The only time I am ever pain-free is during my T'ai Chi class. No kidding!
~J K, retired marketing executive

An excellent Tai Chi class with Susan Lowell.

Susan Lowell is wonderful. She is extremely patient and very supportive. The best!

I’ve taken T'ai Chi previously and Susan has far exceeded what I learned in that class. She focuses on all components - exercise, meditation, and martial art. She is sensitive, positive, responsive - just an all around wonderful instructor. Plus, she brings in relevant information that is applicable and helpful.

Susan has helped me tremendously with my posture. Instead of slumping, as is easy to do with age, she has me stretching my body and standing/sitting in a healthier manner. And that is just ONE way she has helped me.

The instructor, Susan Lowell, is terrific.

Susan always answered my questions and positively responded to my requests, often staying after class on her own time.

Susan's teaching has helped me to improve my posture and balance.

I liked best having Susan Lowell as the instructor. She is simply wonderful!! I cannot say enough great things about her and the way she interacts with the class. Here are just two examples: she patiently answers each student's questions and concerns; and she routinely stays after class, on her own time, to give individual attention to any student desiring it. 

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