On these pages there are links to a few things that come up in class, both T’ai Chi related and more peripheral.

T’ai Chi shoe info is listed below, but for other items, I’ve organized them into four categories:

T’ai Chi & Qi Gong books

Chinese Classic Writings

Books & DVDs that help, and

Pinhole Glasses & other things

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T’ai Chi Shoes

There are at least two stores in DC’s Chinatown that carry these. If you can’t get there, you will have to pay a bit more for the online option. My feet are large, so I always end up with men’s. The cotton soles are preferred for indoor practice.

I chose these to link to based on customer satisfaction reports, so let me know it you think they don’t merit the positive feedback and I’ll find some other sources instead!

You can find ladies cotton sole slippers, which I have yet to find through Amazon, at
Oriental Village in Quebec, and the split top style shoes, which are unisex, are available from Pearl River (warning--vortex website with lots of fun stuff!!!)

The women’s sizes only go up to 39, so they only cover a portion of my feet. If you find larger size women’s Chinese slippers, please let me know!