Mary Chapin Carpenter and Mindfulness

Thanks to Senior Intermediate student Jonathan Scheinbart for bringing our attention to Diane Rehm's interview with Mary Chapin Carpenter on May 23rd, 2016.

Jonathan was moved to hear Carpenter echo several ideas we seek to embrace as students of T'ai Chi. He specifically points out the lines:

" reach a time in your life, and what's far more important to you than answers are the questions you're asking yourself."

"…it's not knowing everything, but it's just being open to the world, and it's being open to everything, and that's what I want to be....In every way, ... leaving behind old habits that don't make sense, not even remembering why you have them."

It's said that when we go deep into any mindful practice, whether it be gardening, running, songwriting and performing, cooking, entomology, painting, T'ai Chi, child care, marriage, verbal self-defense, woodworking….whatever, we meet ourselves and the world in a more thoughtful, open and fulfilling way.

I agree!