“Tai chi is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might well be called “medication in motion.” ~Harvard Health Publications, May 2009
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December 23, 2022 - January 16, 2023

Relax, rest, recover, recreate!

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Tuesdays 5:30-6:30
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All Tenleytown T'ai Chi classes are held online.

Benefits of T'ai Chi have been discussed (several times!) in:
New York Times, the Huffington Post, WebMD, Prevention Magazine, The New England Journal of Medicine and many other respected publications, worldwide.

T'ai Chi is restorative, self-protective, traditional Chinese movement recommended by:
Harvard Medical School, NIH, University of Maryland Medical School, Andrew Weil, MD, the CDC, the Arthritis Foundation, The British Heart Foundation, UC Berkeley's Wellness Center, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic

Tenleytown T’ai Chi Scholarship Program

other interests:
The Soft Answer Verbal T’ai Chi for sociable self defense

My new book on biotensegrity is now out from Handspring Publishing in Scotland!
Everything Moves: how biotensegrity informs human movement
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The relatively new science of biotensegrity constitutes a major paradigm shift in health science and biomechanics. The ancient wisdom in the classic literature associated with T'ai Chi is curiously harmonious with biotensegrity. For this reason, Susan has spent nearly a decade studying biotensegrity, most of this time as an associate of Dr. Stephen M. Levin, originator of the concept, and an understanding of biotensegrity informs our Tenleytown Tái Chi classes.
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The Stephen M. Levin Biotensegrity Archive

Tenleytown T'ai Chi is named after it's original location in the historic neighborhood of Tenleytown, in Washington, DC

The vibrant neighborhood of Tenleytown, DC is home to the highest point in the city, Civil War Fort Reno, some of the District’s oldest streets and homes, the northernmost hiking trail entrance to Glover Archibald Park, Wilson High School and pool, American University’s Washington College of Law, the Tenley-Friendship neighborhood library, and more. Come for a visit!


Stand like a mountain; move like a great river. ~T’ai Chi Classics

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