I’m delighted to report that the “family” of people who practice T’ai Chi Ch’uan is HUGE!

I’ve read estimates of 250-300 million people worldwide who do T’ai Chi every day.

In the DC area, we are lucky to have lots of great T’ai Chi resources. Below are websites from some of the other teachers, both near and far, that I have found helpful, starting with inside the city and working outwards from there. Please explore!

Stephen J Goodson's Fair Trade T'ai Chi is a highly recommended school in downtown DC, and a nonprofit to boot!

• Mike Ward’s MD school is Cloud Hands T’ai Chi - my sword teacher, and dear friend.

• Randy Atkins’ school in Bethesda, MD is Inner Balance Tai Chi

• Joanne Chang has the Wu Wei T’ai Chi school in the Rockville, MD area

• Wolfe Lowenthal’s Long River T’ai Chi Circle centers in Amherst, MA these days, but goes all over the world!

•Tom Daly’s Wholeness In Motion classes are in NYC, where he still studies with Maggie Newman

• Lenny Friedland's NYC branch of Long River T'ai Chi circle — many deep & delightful experiences we had with this group at their summer workshop in Beach Lake, PA!

• Lee Fife and Beth Rosenfeld carry on Bataan and Jane Faigao’s legacy at Rocky Mountain T’ai Chi Ch’uan

• Hal Mosher’s Wisdom Warrior School is in Fairfax, CA

• Though I have had only limited experience with it, I’ve had the privilege of studying Wu style Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) through Shifu Zhan Yun’s school in the lineage of Wang Peisheng.
There are very useful articles here about the practice which transcend the boundaries between lineages and forms.

• A lovely interview with Herman Kauz, a delightful and formidable gentleman who was a student of Professor Cheng, and whose seminars I’d had the great pleasure of attending, can be found