Phasing out Thursday Evening Classes

Michael Ward of Cloud Hands T'ai Chi
Thursday evening classes in Tenleytown and is an excellent teacher!

Ongoing through December, we will be phasing out the Thursday evening classes.

The very good news is, Michael Ward of
Cloud Hands T'ai Chi teaches right up the street (closer to Tenley Metro) on Thursday evenings. Michael is an excellent teacher, senior to me; he offers three class levels on Thursday evenings. Now that I will have Thursday nights free, don't be surprised if you see me in class — we all benefit from more class time, especially with teachers as consummate as he! Michael has a rare depth of understanding, gained through decades of dedicated practice and study (primarily under the Smiths and Maggie Newman).

In light of our Thursday class hour being phased out, please try to use up your class credits between now (September) and December. during which time
classes will be held intermittently, so please check the website before you come!

If it is not possible to use your class credits by December, and if daytime classes are not an option for you, please
contact me, and we will work something out. I want you all to get the full benefit of what you've paid for! Remember that you can also gift your class credits to a friend, or to our scholarship program.

Thursday classes
WILL be held:
November 30th, December 14th